Linux VPS Server Hosting

Get ahead of your systems and online deployed programs with our ultra fast and reliable servers. We also assist you in maintaining the servers through our technical team

Starting at ZW$1600.00/monthly

Our latest Linux VPS Hosting server pricing plans

Fidn below our Linux VPS hosting server plans that are available:-

Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth Port Speed Price Order
2.60 GHz 2048 MB 20 GB 4 TB 100 Mbps ZW$1600.00/month Order Now
2.60 GHz 4096 MB 40 GB 8 TB 100 Mbps ZW$2400.00/month Order Now
2.60 GHz 8192 MB 80 GB 16 TB 100 Mbps ZW$4000.00/month Order Now
2.60 GHz 16384 MB 160 GB 32 TB 100 Mbps ZW$7200.00/month Order Now
2.60 GHz 24576 MB 240 GB 48 TB 100 Mbps ZW$13 600.00/month Order Now
2.60 GHz 32768 MB 320 GB 64 TB 100 Mbps ZW$26 400.00/month Order Now
2.60 GHz 49152 MB 480 GB 96 TB 100 Mbps ZW$52 000.00/month Order Now
2.60 GHz 65536 MB 640 GB 128 TB 100 Mbps ZW$103200.00/month Order Now

Unlimited Free Premium Support

At Credible Host we value all our clients whether small or big thats why we offer unlimited support for all so that you get the best return on investment on your online presence package that you would have sourced from us. We are available 24/7.

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